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Archive for October, 2009

Dry Flower Arrangements

MixedFloralArrangement_FullDry floral arrangement looks so beautiful and elegant in the home decoration. Flower arrangement is not expensive but they look very beautiful and stunning in the home decoration. If you want to buy it from the market then they may be too much expensive, but if we made it at home then it is affordable for everyone. The things you required dried flowers, you can dry it at home and can buy it from the craft shops, container that determined the style of the arrangements.

floral arrangementTake vase, basket, mirror, board or any other base for the floral arrangement. Put floral foam in the container to fix the dried stem of the flowers. Cut the foam according to the size of the container. Trim the stems according to the arrangements of the flowers. While selecting flowers choose medium, large and small flowers to make the arrangement interesting and attractive.

floral arrangement 3Take the entire dried flower and make different arrangement in working area and grouped the large one together, small one together and medium one together to make good arrangement. Place large flower in the center of the arrangement then arrange medium and then small flower. This is my suggestion but you can use your own creativity to make more beautiful different floral arrangements. Then place it where any at your home.

Make Your Cupboard Beautiful With Greeting Cards

Greeting cardsIf you are worried about decoration your cupboard then today, I am going to share with you a simple but unique idea. Cupboards are the most boring part of the home. But by using our mind and creativity, we can make that boring part into an interesting corner of the home. There is hell of ideas to make it colorful and beautiful, but today I am telling you how to decorate cupboard with greeting cards.

greeting cards3You have no need to buy new cards just gathered all your birthday cards, wedding anniversary cards and other cards which you already have. Then select the area of the cupboard on which you are going to be focus. The things you need are scotch tape, cards, and scissor. Now cut the scotch tape and join its two ends in such a way that a circle or ring is formed. Then apply it on the back of all the cards and fix it on the cupboard, according to your own creativity.

GreetingCardsFinalYou can make different pattern on the cupboard like diagonal, straight, round, what ever you like .Now you can see your cupboard is no more boring and look quite interesting and elegant. All the guests who visit your room will defiantly stay there for a while and appreciate your creative effort. So the people who thinks lots of money is required to decorate home are wrong, the thing that makes home sophisticated and lavish is creativity.


cushion 2In home there are many decoration accessories, like your furniture, paintings, plants and many other accessories. Cushions are the most luxurious, colorful and comfortable home accessary.Its quite easy to make cushions at home. Cushions are of different sizes and shapes Mostly they are in square or in round shape. Usually small cushions are for the patio furniture and some cushions are large enough to put on the floor. Floor cushions are the need of every home.

cushionsToday I am going to share, how you can make cushion at home. The things you needs are sewing machine, piece of large fabric, pins, needles and matching thread. What you have to do is, just cut the fabric according the pillows length and fold the fabric in half and fills fur in it. Then pin up the side with lots of pins .The sew it, by sewing machine leaving small gap in centre. Turn it right and insert pillow through the gap and sew the gap with hand needle.

cushions3There is lots of variety in luxurious cushions like aubusson is made of wool. Cushion looks more elegant with Embroidery fabrics and silk fabrics. Cushion covers are the most important element for the good outlook of the cushions. Textile designs on the cushions also look great and beautiful. Beautiful cushions placed on the sofas, show your taste towards home decoration and also define your personality.