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Painting On The Walls

Painting is an art and you can paint your walls by your own self. Today I am going to share with you my idea about how to make paintings on the wall. Painting on the walls look so elegant and unique. The things you needs are Wide painting tape, Acrylic paints of your own choice of color, Paint brushes, Stencil ,Level of placing tape and Pencil.

Select the wall which is neat and having plenty of extra space. After deciding the wall to be painted, take your level and pencil and draw a rectangular sketch on the wall, whatever measurements you have decided. Get your painting tape and very cautiously tape off your rectangle. Keep in mind to put the tape on outside the line of the painting so that painting should be done in correct measurements.

For this purpose you must use several pieces of the tapes per side in place of one long piece, all is depending upon your paintings requirements. Now start painting use your own ideas to make the wall more beautiful, you can paint the background in one color and let it dry then can make different flowers by using stencils. It’s really fun to paint the wall; you and your whole family will really enjoy it.

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