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Archive for January, 2010

Wall Painting

In home decoration your abilities and creativity can save lots of money. You can make your home beautiful within limited resources. If you have artistic and creative mind then you can make several home accessories with your own hand. Glass painting always fascinate and be the inspiration for everyone. Today I am telling you about the wall painting. The things you need are emanel paint, paint brushes, lead

What you have to do is just make sketches with the help of lead of different design like flowers, sceneries and other material. And let it dry, now color it carefully by keeping the design in mind, you can show your creativity as well. You can paint it on the side of the wall or at the corner of the wall it will look great. You can take different size and shapes of the mirror like square round and oval. You can use thinner when the colors go out of the boundaries.

You can create different design and according to your artistic can paint the wall of the corridor or any other wall. It will also look great hanging on the drawing room as a piece of decoration. You can see how easy to decorate your home by using different ideas. Painted walls looks so fantastic. It gives beautiful look to your wall.

Sea Shells Arrangement

Home is a place where peace and serenity is your companion.So everyone wanted that his/her home should have comfort and luxury of all types.Home decoration add value and life to your home. Everyone want that his/her home should be the best.For this purpose people decorated home with different home accessories.You can make certain home decoration at your home.

Today i am going to share with you a very unique idea.We will talk about the arrangements of the sea shells.The things you need are, sea shells of different sizes and shape,glue,colors and a mirror.What you have to do is just take the sea shells and paint it with different colors of your choice.Let them dry properly then make patterns with the help of lead on the mirror.

And then arrange the sea shell according to the pattern.If you wan to give the shape of any flower then make a colorful center of the flower with the help of paint and make petals by arranging the sea shells around the center. You can make several different arrangement.After the arrangement framed it for the protection and hang it on the wall.

Bachelor Party Decoration

People throw parties with different themes like birthday party, success party, New Year party, Valentines Day party and many other parties. Bachelor’s party is one of these important parties that are arranged to create fun and enjoyment. Bachelor’s party is considered as cultural party in some countries and it is celebrated before stepping into the married life. People feel much excitement in this party and make special arrangements and decorations to make this day more memorable and exciting. Some people tend to enjoy the party and make no decorations while some people may be very conscious about it.

However decoration of the bachelor party also depends on the location where the party is to be celebrated. People may arrange this party at their homes, some hotels, gardens or on beach. All decorations will be made accordingly.  Here are some interesting and useful ideas and tips to make special bachelor party arrangements and decorations.

1). you can use some lights, candles, balloons, flowers and beautiful table centerpieces to make decorations.

2). you have an option to select any theme for this decoration. Usually casino and Hollywood theme is used for these parties. Decorations are made according to the theme selected by you.

3). Make some banners to hang on the grand entrance of the party hall. Try to make the grand entrance more beautiful as when people will join the party they will not be drunk. You can use balloons and lights to make decorations on grand entrance.

4). Bar area decoration is of greater importance in the bachelor party decoration.

5). If you are going to celebrate your party in some club then leave the decoration to the professional decorators but make it sure that table decoration, lighting and dance area decoration must be awesome.