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Archive for March, 2010

Dinning Table Accessories

Dinning tables are used for the breakfast, lunch and for the dinner. A dinning table should be decorated in such a way that all the things placed on it should look elegant.  Dinning table has special accessories which take care of your furniture and also give it a great look. Dinning table cloths give nice look to it and also prevent it from dirt. Your dinning table will be safe from different scratches. For this purpose good range of fabrics are available in the market.

Organza, cotton, silk, rayon, jute, organdy, polyester and satin fabric stuffs are more commonly used for the dressing of the dinning table. These stuffs are not simple as you think. There are varieties of designs and styles present in the market like plain, hand knitted, printed, handmade, sequined and checked. Different types and styles of glass mats give more wonderful look to your dinning tables 

Dinning Table Decorations

Every corner of the home requires attention. In every matter of life, things require proper management and attention. In home dinning room has its own importance. Things have been changing day by day, mannerisms are becoming more trendy so all the things require much more care and attention.

As for as, concern about the decoration of the dinning room, the most important element that neither be neglected nor be ignored is, the decoration of your dinning table. It is much important that how you arrange the accessories on your dinning table. First of all your selection about the shape of your dinning table should be according to the space of your dinning room.
The second thing is dinning table should be dressed up in an elegant way. Always try to avoid create too much mess on it.

Dinning table accessories should be arranged in such a way that it looks spacious. Always try to ornament your dining table, in a way that all guests get trapped into the loveliness of your dining table. It shows your persona and off course your life style.

Decorated dinning table, not only affect your whole dinning room decoration but also take good care of furniture from the mark of food and water. Use your aesthetic sense to decorate your dinning table with dinning table accessories.

Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon flowers are perfect decoration for all things from gifts to hat. They can be used as jewelry, and also look great on outfits, they can also fix on your hand bags, it gives new look to your bags and outfits and you can make several accessories, that can be used on hair and anywhere you can. In a little time and with few materials you can make a complete bunch of flowers. These flowers can be used for several purposes.

For the flower making the things you need are 1 inch wide ribbon, beads, needle and sewing thread.

Take a strip of ribbon of your own choice, about 1 inch wide. What you have to do is, just take the ribbon, start with the corner and make a fold from the left side of the ribbon outwards and keep rolling from left to right. Make long folds according to the shape of the flowers. Keep going on folding until the ribbon ends. Now fix it with glue or sewing needle and twist the center to make it more reliable and with the help of floral tape attach it with the green pipe and cover it with floral tape. You can fix these flowers on baskets or even on outfits. Some girls love to fix it on their handbags that look so cute.