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Pot Cover

Decoration is the best way to add more value to your house. There are several ways to decorate home .Many people prefer home made decoration items. They spend their time and money to get the desired result. If you have idea then you can make decoration piece of your own choice. You can make different things by using different art and craft material. Today we are going to do some work with Plaster of Paris. Things you required are very simple as well as ideal.

The things you needed are

  • A round large balloon.
  • Water
  • Plaster of Paris

What you have to do is just make the thick paste of plaster of Paris with the help of water. Now blow the balloon and tie its end with threat so that air cannot pass out. Apply the paste of Plaster of Paris from bottom to top on the balloon and left its upper portion open n such a way that it becomes in the round bowl shape .Let it dry for 10 minutes, then open the mouth of the balloon and take out it very carefully and you will be happy with the out come. Now this pot is ready to place any where. Especially it looks wonderful if we use it as a cover pot for plant.

You can place it in your garden or any other room like drawing room, dinning room. It will look great and stunning if you place it in the corner of your room. This is one of the best decorations for indoor plants

Plant Frame

Decoration is very important factor that can give a beautiful as well as wonderful look to your house. You can decorate your home with lots of accessories that are available in the market; you can also make different things at home in leisure time to make your home eye-catching and attractive. Different people have different hobbies, for example stamp collecting, gardening, watching TV, traveling, reading, books and making art and craft articles.

 Home decoration is one of the best hobbies of most people, because you can make several things in a very low budget and can change the look of your entire home. Today I am going to share a very simple but really superb idea that can enhance the beauty of your home; you can make a decoration piece with the help of fresh stem or artificial stem. The things you required for it are, Stem with full of leaves it may be artificial or natural, cellophane sheet of any color , four wooden stick of same size to make a frame, a square glass piece and glue for pasting.

 What you have to do is just cut the artificial stem according to the size of the frame; you can also use natural plant in dry form instead of artificial stem, arrange it in proper manner and paste it on the piece of glass. Now adjust and paste cellophane sheet on the back of that glass for the background. Adjust the wooden sticks on each side of the glass to make a square frame. Now it is ready to place in your drawing room’s cupboard or you can hang it on the wall as well. By putting little effort you can make your home like a heaven on the earth.

How to Make Rental House Beautiful

If you are living in a rental house and want to decorate it without making any big change, to the environment, then here are some useful tips which are helpful while decorating you house. Shortage of storage is a major issue for the renters. For this purpose, use cartons or other available boxes and you can get rid from messy environment. Mostly, they are available in different colors, sizes, patterns and shapes, so choose the box that suits to your needs.

Rental apartment or home is mostly dull. To make it colorful, you can paint large sheet and paste them to the wall, it will be best for color breaking and make your home an interesting place. To give neat and unique look avoid mismatched or dated furniture, try to match all furniture accessories go well with your room theme, for example if your furniture accessories are mismatch then simply polish to bring them in one color, just spray paint all the wood work to bring symmetry and a proper theme to make your room more eye catching and attractive.

You can hang different wall hangings to decorate your room and you can reuse it for future as well. Put all the things in a proper manner to give tidy look. You must keep in mind; use those things which can be removed easily while shifting next. Ne doubt plants purify your room environment so you can put some indoor plants to get fresh and calm environment. Always make your house different from others by using different ideas and skills.