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Archive for May, 2010

Drying Flowers

Drying flowers are very popular and looks beautiful in home decoration. These flowers stay for long time and use in different decorations. There are several methods of drying flowers. I will discuss some of them for you.


This method is very popular and more commonly used.  For drying flowers, the things you need are books and flowers. What you have to do is, just place the flower between the books and weight the surface with other books. After few days, your dried flowers will be in your hand. Violets and pansies look wonderful after drying.

Air Drying

This method is best for drying bouquet or a coursage. Just join the flowers tightly and bind them together. Take off all the leaves of flowers because leaves hold water and slow down the drying process. To keep them bright and colorful, hang them in a cool and dark room but the room should be airy. This will stop decaying. This is a long process and almost takes a month or more. You will see the stem will dry out. Now it is ready to place any where.

Oven Drying

Oven drying is one of the most interesting ways to dry out the flowers.  What you have to do is, just preheat oven to the lowest centigrade and put the flowers on oven tray, or on a cookie sheet enclosed with parchment paper. To remove the humidity, keep open door of the oven. It takes too much time, but for best result dries them overnight. Marigolds, zinnias, cornflowers, and chrysanthemums are best for oven drying.

Dessicant Drying

This process gives you best results. The trendiest dessicant is silica, which you can get from craft stores.  First you have to dry the product in the oven. Then put it in a pot with air tight lid. Flowers with solid heads, for example carnations, can be dried without losing its face down.  Delicate flowers often loose their face down.

Dried flowers are very difficult to clean. So to clean them, use duster feather and clean it very gently. You can get good result by dry them with the help of blow dryer.

Hanging Lanterns

You cannot deny from the importance of the lantern in creating romantic atmosphere. Lanterns make your party more enjoyable and beautiful. They can be hung over the branches of the trees in the outdoor parties and also look great with candle decoration. You can turn any globe into these hanging lanterns and they are very east to make. To make lantern at home the thing you need are wire cutters, picture hanging wire, a stiffer wire of 16 gauge to wrap around the neck and needle nose pliers.

What you have to do is, just take the stiffer wire and wrap it on the edge of the fixture. Fold the wire in such a way that it should be placed on the fixture. Now take picture hanging wire and cut them into 3 equal pieces. Take the first piece of the wire and adjust it with the fixture by making loop for hanging. Repeat the same procedure with other two wires and adjust the loop by make one-third distance between each wire.

Now back to the area, where we have made the folds, grip it with the help of needle nose pliers and twist it properly on the edge, while doing this, be careful because wire may break, so twist it properly to avoid any disturbance.

Now take these three pictures hangings and join them together and pick the lantern up. Twist the wires collectively in loop, so that it is safe enough to hold the lantern.

Now your lantern is ready to be the best part of your tea party. This will look great with little tea candles. You can make these lanterns with different size and shapes of globes; it will look really nice and wonderful. If you don’t find any place for hanging then you can place it in the wide bottle candle holder. This looks very romantic.

How to Make Face Mask

If we think about mask making many wonderful ideas come in our mind. Mask can be made according to different events. So these mask can be traditional, unusual and of different styles. To make mask, different material is required according to the nature of the mask. If you are making for it for any special event then you will get many hands for the help. So mask making is really a fun.

People having art and craft skills can easily make different styles of mask; its making is so easy, simple and affordable. All the masks start with basic Lone Ranger style, face mask and further things required are styrofoam plates, pieces of card stock, glue, Mod Podge, glitter, beads, feathers, pipe cleaners and scissors. But the main thing is Lone Ranger style eye-masks and other things you needed are pre-made.

First of all, cut the card stock in the shape of triangle, and then folds it from half. Cut the base of card stock according to the shape to your face. Then fix the triangular beak on the face with the help of Mod Podge. Then sprinkle the glitter on the edges of the base. Wait for 10 minutes to dry it completely. Cut two strips of beads of same size and paste it as eyebrows. With the help of glue, fix feathers in such a way that it come out from the beads.