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Archive for December, 2011

Restoring A Family House

Shifting from London to Los Angles was a magnificent adventure. Samantha was living with her husband in London, but when her husband has been transferred to Los Angles, she became nervous. But her husband Adam tried to plan live in a small house in suburb of Los Angles.

When Adam transferred, he found a house and settled his family. The house was like a chocolate box. Everything seems to be Lilliputian. Due to congestion they usually collide with each other. In the meanwhile their third child Martha was born. The couple then decided to find a big house for their family.

Samantha says: “We thing over to buy a comfortable family house, where we could chill out, make a social life and enjoy ourselves. We want an accommodation where kids could grow and have their own space.”

Luckily they found a cottage in reliable price. That was a three story Edwardian house. It was much alike the house they left behind in London. It seems to be that someone has copied it here.

The structure of the house was firm & sound, it had been converted into two flats which was compulsory have to be changed completely and restored.

The couple was working and they have not worried to restore their house. They took a decision to take a rented house for six months and then renovate their house from a project manager. His name was Jack Alabama and he was a close friend of Adam. He came with magnificent ideas, so they didn’t need to take services of a architecture.

It was needed to create a latest design terrace, open-plan feel to the house. The main item was now kitchen-dining room that they created by demolishing two rooms and make only one. Samantha gave him the idea that the French doors should lead into the back garden. When the couple settled in this area, their circle of friends become very large, so they thought to make the house sociable.

Samantha said: “We were not accepting this idea to make a small portion; we want a large table that can seat up to 20. Adam was willing to have a wide peninsular unit, complete with built-in-wine fridge.”

According to their idea the project manager changed the old study into a den, where the kids managed to play easily. The living room made for adults entertainment.

Another kitchen & bathroom is constructed on the upstairs, along with a long corridor. The bathrooms have two portions, one for adults and the other for the kids.

The kid bedrooms were constructed in this way that fitted with storage. There was a wall of cupboards for clothes and toys, while there was a shelving unit for 12 years son Vickie.

The top floor of the house was reshaped to make a guest bedroom. A shower room was attached to it. The fifth room was used as study.

Samantha said: “We might arrange the two girls up stairs and Adam could use the ground floor room as study. You understand the astonishing beauty of the house? There was flexibility in it that we could move things around as our lifestyle changes.”

O’ Boy Let's Decorate Our Garden

If you are decorating a garden, naturally all the things will be related to plants, trees and greenery. It reflects your keen interest and affections and shows the spirituality. The surrounding of the garden represents the blessing of life because they involve the people to do something other than their routine activities.

To decorate a garden is an interesting fun that changes the whole look of the surrounding, but it demands skill & labor from you. It is not energy consuming but an activity of producing and creating beauty. When you design an excellent garden it will stunned the visitors and relatives of your house.

The people who take interest in decorating a garden usually invest most of their time in garden to make something exclusive and admirable.

If you are interested in decorating your garden and you have not any experience, then you may take help from any professional. Make a discussion with him and talk about the kinds of plants and trees. These natural things will fit in your garden and will give an amazing look. The professional will give you special advices for flowers and plants. The flowers have a large variety of kinds, colors and size. The selection depends upon your wishes that how you want to see and shape your garden. Once you finalize your selection, you may start buying.

After you set the concept, now you can start buying the necessary things that are required for your decoration.

♫ Ideas to decorate a garden

The flowers & plants may be decorated and highlighted by using dramatic objects. If these objects will be humorous they will increase the interest. Like fairies, clowns, bugs and religious figures such as baby angles, Buddha statue and Virgin Mary.

The statues and objects in the garden can’t be highlighted without proper lighting. Use hidden lights to focus on them in night time. If you want to save the light consumption use solar cells to deposit energy in day time and consume it in night time.

Before taking any big step to decorate the garden, make a plan for highlighting the necessary portions of the garden. There is another option to highlighting the garden is to make a seating space. But if have not sufficient space use such items that may be hang from branches of trees.

For polite and heart touching music, use wind chimes in your garden. When there will be calm & quiet its voice will float in the atmosphere with wonderful gesture.

When the decoration is over, take other steps to promote the beauty of the atmosphere, for example check the plants regularly, clean them and trim them occasionally.

The garden decoration improves your spirit and produces a creation in your senses. Your garden will not beautify only but the feelings, desire and your thoughts will be polished and gives you pleasure. It also improves your working efficiency and gives you enjoyment. Take necessary tools of gardening and start to decorate from today.