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Home Decoration With Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers give amazing look to your home and office. They add magic to your drawing rooms, dinning rooms and living rooms. Natural flowers and plants bring great change in your home and offices. But they need extra care and attention, but mostly people can’t find time from their hectic schedule to look after their plants. Artificial flowers are the best alternative of natural flowers. It requires less care and adds fresh and floral touch to your home.

For the arrangements of flowers you need beautiful vases and pots. Real flowers need water but for artificial flower’s vase add colored stones, different peas, lentils, wrinkled crape papers, tissue papers which enhances the beauty of floral decoration. Vase can be arranged and placed beautifully in the house, according to the themes of rooms. For drawing rooms always chose dark color flowers to give loud look and for living and dining rooms chose soft color flowers.

Always purchase large size of vase for the floor. Different sizes and color of flowers can be arranged with artificial grasses and petals of artificial flowers and leaves. Pottery vase also look so nice with these artificial flowers. Try to complement flowers with soft colored tulles. You can also make spiral of artificial flowers and hang it in your drawing room. It is the wonderful way to decorate wall, with artificial flowers. This floral spiral can also be use around the wall mirror.

For the centerpiece, use glass bowl, small size vase and fill it with different color of flowers and make arrangements in such a way that every one can see it. Daffodils, tulips, jasmine, morning glory, hibiscus and roses are more commonly use for floral decoration.

For side tables choose medium size vase with taller flowers, for the dining table choose medium size vase with medium flowers and for the corners of the rooms chose a big vase with taller and larger flowers that defines the entire area of room.

Seasonal artificial flowers are also available in the market; entire ambiance of home can be change by replacing flowers seasonally .Artificial flowers are easily available in the market especially from grocery stores, art and crafts shop. Just by spending few amount of money you can renovate you home and enjoy the change.