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If You Are Buying A Small Flat

If You Are Buying A Small Flat

1- Talking to my friendly local crime prevention officer (contact your police station for details), he came up with the following points to bear in mind if you own your own property (and even if you don’t): Eighty per cent of burglaries are “opportunist”- That is committed by teenagers absconding from school, pr someone just grabbing an easy chance. They prowl the streets looking for a soft target, and what in not easy they will pass by. So the idea is to make your house at least look as thought it is as secure as Fort Knox.

2- Basements and attics are the most vulnerable points of entry-Basements can be entered without danger to life and limb and without being overlooked. Attics can be reached via the roof. This is a real changer if scaffolding is erected outside neighboring house.

3- It is pointless fitting your door with strong locks if the frame is weak. You need a solid hardwood frame, possibly with steel reinforcement, and a solid door. A registered key is also a good idea. These are available from good companty and must be signed for. “Deadlocks,” which will not move unless you turn the key, are also worth having. Some locks become deadlocks if you turn the key twice.

4- An official-looking burglar alarm box on the front of the house is better than nothing, even if it does nothing. A burglar alarm wired for sound in obviously more expensive.

5- You could consider placing decorative iron garilles on your windows, though these, too can be expensive to install.

6- You should definitely have a chain on the door. Alternatively, (or as well) fix a spy hole so you can see who is there without opening the door. This is not difficult-your local hardware store will advise-and is money well spent.

7- Window lock can be useful if you live on the ground floor or on a first floor which is easily accessible to burglars.

8- Automatic lights switching on and off at certain time are also worthwhile installing. You can buy plug-in switches from an electrical appliances shop.

9- A dog? Certainly, but he will sometimes go cut with you, leaving your home unprotected.

10- Neighborhood watch is a must, as well as a sticker saying your property is a sticker saying your property is ‘marked”(that is marked with invisible ink so, in theory items can be traced). The point of Neighborhood Watch is than it warns the burglar that here is a street full of nosey old parkers and he would be better off elsewhere-so make sure he can see the sticker. It also alerts you, by means of newsletters etc, to potential dangers in the area.