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Basant Decoration Tips

kite_flying_festival_basant_panchamiBasant is an event that is celebrated in few countries like India and Pakistan. This event is also known as jahsn-e-baharan. All residents of a country celebrate this event to have great fun and spend some time together in flying kites and also enjoy some other activities. Main theme of this event is to welcome spring season. People rejoice on this event and wear yellow and green dresses and make special arrangements. Decoration is one of these arrangements that add to charm and excitement of this event. Again this is time to enjoy this event as Basant is going to be celebrated in coming week of this month. Here are some special tips to make decorations to add to beauty of this event:

  • Arrange some yellow flowers and silk fabrics and decide venue where you are going to celebrate this event. Mostly people celebrate this event on roofs or some open areas like gardens and grounds. If you are going to have fun at night then arrange proper lighting also.
  • Dedicate separate area for stalls and music region and decorate it by using best table decoration pieces, lights and yellow flowers.
  • Decorate the corner where all kites and other things are to be placed.
  • Make proper sitting arrangements. It is likely to arrange sitting on floor. Spread a carpet and spread white sheet on it and arrange some cushions and pillows. If you arrange some tent for sitting then decorate it with yellow flowers and tulles.

Aquarium Decoration Tips

Placing an aquarium in homes and offices is a common practice round the globe. People love to have nature in their homes and tend to make a place for different types of fishes to live there. The port in which fish live is known as aquarium. While decorating homes and offices, people need to give importance to aquarium decoration. Here are some important tips to follow while decorating an aquarium.

1). Think about the place where you are going to place aquarium and then decide the size and shape of aquarium. Decide the color of decoration of the aquarium that is in best combination with other decoration.

2). Do some glass painting to add more natural look to the aquarium. You can paint images of sea organisms like wild plants and different fish.

3). Go to bazaar and purchase some sea products that are specifically manufactured for aquarium decorations.

4). Place some false but real looking plants on suitable places. It will be better to select sea wild plants for aquariums.

5). Throw some stones to make the fish feel that they are living in natural environment.