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Net Flowers

Flower making is always inspiration for everyone. The flowers are the most prominent and major part in home decoration. Natural flowers look beautiful due to their colors and smell but they are not long lasting whereas artificial silk flowers are also available in the market and they remain fresh and colorful for life time. No doubt these artificial flowers are very expensive so everyone cannot afford them. Today I am going to share my idea with you how to make flowers from the old net.

The things you need are cap of any bottle for the measurement of the petals, thread, net, copper wire, floral tape and stamens. What you have to do is just. Make same size of loops of copper wire with the help of bottle cap. Now give the shape of petals to these loops and cover the loops with the help of net and twist and tie up with thread and cut down the extra stuff with the help of scissor.

Make at least five petals by repeating the same procedure to make a flower. Now arrange these petals in shape of flowers and put a stamen in the center of each flowers to give the real look. Cover the wires with floral tape to make stems. To make bunch arranged the flowers together and tie it with beautiful ribbon and put them into beautiful vase and place it on dinning table, side table or in the corner.

Hand Made Wall Hangings

A well constructed furnished home, without decoration looks so boring and dull. House’s interiors should be set in a way, that every corner of home gives fresh and elegant look. Few people decorated their homes through interior designers, which they are highly paid. Everyone cannot afford that luxury life but as the part of the society, he also wants a well decorated home within his limited resources. God has given aesthetic sense to everyone. Using aesthetic sense is the best way to managed  home stylishly.
Wall hanging looks so elegant and changes the ambiance of the rooms and making space habitable. Handmade wall hangings are getting popularity all over the world. Beauties of hand made wall hangings are not definable. It is the beauty of mind that, how beautifully you make your imagination true. Wall hangings seem sophisticated and look stunning on the wall. You can give unique touch by using fabric and jute material. If creativity and aesthetic sense combines then beautiful ways of new ideas twisted in to a masterwork. By doing little alteration you can make lots new stuff from the previous one.
Wall hanging goes with the persona who loves creative work towards ambiance. It is one of the best gifts for relative and friends as well. Through wall hangings windows can be covered, unrepaired wall can be managed.
You can make wall hangings through fabric like quilt wall hangings; they add color to your walls. What you have to do is just collect you old pieces of cloths and then cut shapes according to pattern then take a square piece of fabric and make a layout on it, appliqué small pattern pieces of cloths according to the layout.
You can also make wall hangings through jute. Take a rectangular piece of jute, then make its boundary with a colored jute thick rope, make different flowers of rubber sheets or fabrics and then just stick on the jute piece, it look fantastic and elegant.
By using bamboo sticks and ice cream sticks you can also make beautiful wall hangings. You can make fence on the wall with the help of bamboo sticks and ice cream sticks and then make arrangements of flowers in it.
You can also make different glass paintings and hang it on the wall. You can hide several holes in the wall through your creativity. You can also start your own business, by making these cute wall hangings and can sell it on internet or locally.