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Wedding Centerpiece Decoration

Wedding Decoration

Wedding decoration is very vast activity and lots of thins have to be covered when you think of wedding decoration. On the other hand decorating the wedding area is quite challenging task because so many aspects have to keep in mind while decorating the whole wedding ceremony. Centerpiece decoration plays an important role in overall visual of wedding decoration. Wedding centerpieces should be decorated in such a way that makes your guest have second look on them.

Ideas for Wedding Centerpiece Decoration

Basically centerpiece decoration is directly associated with table decoration that enhances the beauty and charm of wedding ceremony. The material you can use for wedding table centerpiece decoration includes candles, ribbons, flowers, pebbles and other decorative material. How you can put your imagination in table centerpiece decoration for wedding includes:

  • Fresh flowers can be used for centerpiece decorations that areWedding Decorationavailable according to the running season. Flowers can be combined in the form of bouquet.
  • If you are decorating wedding reception dinner party, floating candles and flowers can be used with combination of beautiful colors.
  • Decorative centerpieces should be kept on every table of wedding ceremony like guest table, cake table and wedding reception table also.
  • Artificial flowers with combination of ribbons and pebbles can be done using creative decoration skills.
  • One thing should be remember that different centerpieces should be kept on different tables to avoid monotones.
  • Edible things like fruits and vegetables can be used in more attractive way to have good view of table in wedding ceremony. These types of centerpieces look great in buffet dinner parties for wedding.
  • Candles can be placed using tall candle holders and it gives veryWedding Decorationromantic look to the whole environment.
  • Another expensive way of centerpiece decoration is using bird’s feathers.
  • Using small and round fish bowls is also in trend of wedding centerpiece decoration now-a-days.

Hope these ideas will clear your mind to give great look to your wedding ceremony. Go for these ideas and make your wedding venue most attractive and memorable for you and your guests.

Perfect Small Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom decoration and setting is also very important when you start home decoration. No matter what is the size of your bathroom but proper setting and trendy decoration can make it appear awesome and will add value to your home. You can make your bathroom well decorated, luxurious and more comfortable by using different techniques. Here is guide for you to decorate your small bathroom according to recent trends of decoration.

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

  • Begin with coloring your bathroom and use earth neutral colors for this purpose. A big advantage of this type of bathroom color wills that it looks larger than before. Use dark color for flooring of bathroom or rugs.
  • When your bathroom is small, it does not have clutter in it. So remove excess clutter from bathroom. If bathroom has fixtures that look too heavy, remove them. Adding skylight is great idea to enhance the larger look of a small bathroom to be calm.
  • Use classic pedestal sinks as they will open up the space and your small bathroom will look more refine. Try to simplify the layout of your bathroom and remove bulky vanities.
  • Add larger mirror to enhance the refined look of bathroom. It will also make the space look larger.
  • Avoid building any cabinet shelves and counter in your bathroom if you have less space in your bathroom.
  • Other decoration of bathroom like wall decoration, ceiling and other decoration depends on the color scheme and theme of your home decoration. Keep in mind decoration of all portions of home must be compatible with whole color scheme and theme of home décor.

These tips are enough to have larger look of your small bathroom with a touch of classic decoration.

Baby Shower Decoration Tips


To arrange a baby shower party means to announce that the couple is expecting and going to be parents in near future. This party is arranged by the expecting couple to share pleasures of this great time in their lives. Many cultures give this event different names as English people call it baby shower and Pakistani and Indians call it (Goth Bharayee). Family members, close relatives and friends are invited for this party. Party arrangement is very important issue and decoration is the most important issue. By making special decorations it is very easy to create fresh moods to enjoy the event.

baby-showerHere are some special tips for the going to be blessed people (expecting couples) to arrange baby shower party decorations. These tips will surely make this great time memorable for your whole life. Follow the valued tips given below:

1). Decide a color theme to conduct this great party and plan the rest of decorations accordingly. It also depends that if you are expecting a baby boy then your decorations may differ and if you are expecting a baby girl then you need to decorate in soft colors.

2). You can hang different pictures of expecting couple and other babies of family members.

3). It is great idea to decorate the venue by hanging pictures of childhood of expecting father and mother. It will add to their happiness that they were kids years before and now they are going to be blessed with a cute baby.

a-diaper-cake-for-baby-shower4). Centerpiece is a great item to be used in decorations of any party. Diaper cake is used as a centerpiece in baby shower party decoration. Different styles and designs of this cake can be made using diapers and other stuff toys. Put the stuff toy in the center and tie lots of diapers around the toy in cake shape. It will optimize the joy and happiness of the expecting couple.

5). Hang pictures and posters of different babies and also dedicate a corner to place gifts that you will receive from your friends, relatives and family members. Place the centerpiece on the main gift table.

6). Flowers are considered as real beauty of any party or gathering. Select pink or blue flowers to use in baby shower party decoration. Orchids and rose petals are best for room decorations.

Congrats7). Arrange a table with best centerpiece on it with a sheet to write comments from. All invited quests will write comments and prayers on this sheet or chart. You can also arrange a piece of cloth to write wishes by all the guests.

8). You can also use different toys and lots of balloons with special themes according to this mega event.