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Homemade Candle Holder

This is really a waste to Treasure recycling project – you can make two candle holders from apiece used bottle!


  • soda bottle
  • knife
  • Scissors
  • paint
  • ribbon
  • silk flowers
  • dried flowers


  • Remove the paper tag off a bottle.
  • You can see a line of the bottom of the bottle with swishes like icicles lynching down. Cautiously cut it with the knife along the apex of this line, and then use scissors to make a fine straight edge on all sides. The bottom part will be utilized as a candle cup. Paint it in golden color and when dry, paint the icicles hanging down. Insert a candle to complete this candle holder then put it in glass candle votive.
  • On the apex part, find the line with swishes going up. Cut around that line with the knife and then use scissors to make a fine straight edge on all sides. Paint with the golden color paint then let it dry. Tie a gorgeous ribbon at the neck in a bow shape and insert some dry flowers and silk flowers also. Now your two candle holders recycled from the waste and converted into treasure!

Caution: Never ever leave your children alone with candles and don’t overlook a burning candle it will be a dangerous. Please use candles carefully!

Snowman Candle Holder

For the winter season, snowman candle is a wonderful way to decorate home. Making snowman candle holder at home is very easy.

The items you need are:

• Glass bowl/Fish bowl
• Frosted glass spray paint
• Black glass paint
• Orange polymer clay
• Golf tee
• Wire craft mesh
• Scissors
• Soup can
• Hot glue gun
• Votive candle
• Small length of ribbon
• Paintbrush

Take the fish bowl and spray it completely with frosted paint and let it dry. If necessary apply another coat but after drying the first coat. Then draw eyes and smile face with the help of black glass color. Take orange polymer clay and roll it in your hand, give the shape of nose just like carrot and push the end of golf tee to support that carrot nose. Then bake the clay at 250°F up to 15 minutes then allow it to cool.

Now fix the carrot nose with help of hot glue gun to the snowman. Take wire mesh and cut a circle of it. While cutting, wear gloves for your safety. Then put a soup or porridge can in the center of the mess wire circle and fold mess wire all around the can. Give it the shape of hat from the rim by folding edges down.

Put away the soup can from the folded mess wire, put the hat shaped wire mess on the fish bowls and take simple ribbon. Paste it around the hat or make a ribbon bow and apply in on the hat with the help of hot glue gun. Put the votive candle in the fish bowl and light it up. Your snowman holders are ready to place at your home.