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Pencil Holder

Today I am going to make special gift especially on Father’s day. This is one of the best gifts for your father that even small kids can also make and present it to their father. It is not expensive and not so many items are required. Just by utilizing recycled material, you can make wonderful pencil holder that your dad would love to place it on his office table to hold daily use stationery. This craft is home made but really special.

The things you need are:

• 4 toilet paper tubes
• Scissors
• Scrap of heavy cardboard
• Stapler
• Acrylic paints
• Paint brush or markers
• Glue

Take the toilet paper tubes and cut each about 1 inch wide. Join them together with the help of stapler in shape of 4 leaf clover. Now cut a circle bigger than the paper tube holder, place it on the center of that cupboard and make outline with the help of pencil. Now take off the paper tubes, apply glue in the outline and place those tubes on the glue. Fix it and wait until it becomes dry.

Now paint the tubes and make several designs according to your choice. You can use stencil before using paint on the tubes. Apply stickers, stones, glitter etc. This is the time where you can show your creativity and your artistic nature will support you here. You can use stars, dots, triangles of different color that also look great. Use paint of differ color scheme to make it more eye-catching.

Party Crafts

Crafts can be made from different household things. Making art and craft things at home are really a fun. You can make several projects at home and use it for decoration purpose. Today I am going to share with you a very simple and easy home craft; even your kids can make it because to work on this craft is safe and sound in all respect. You can place this craft at some party and enjoy its noise.

The things you need are:

• 2 plastic disposable cups
• Colored electrical or craft tape
• Pony beads, wood beads or beans, rice, popcorn kernels, jingle bells, small stones
• Paint and paintbrush

Take one of the plastic glasses and fill it with colorful beads, wood beads, small stones, beans, jingles bells etc. Put the other plastic cup on the filled cup with beads to enclose it. Now with the help of craft tape or any colorful electrical tape join it from the center that will give the look of boarder line. Now decorate the party shaker from outside the wall by making different patterns or by pasting colorful stickers on it. Now it is ready to place anywhere at home.

Handmade Bangles

Home made jewelry is very popular among ladies these days. Even teenage girls are much interested in making jewelry at home. If you have ideas then you can make ear rings, rings, bangles and different necklaces. You can make jewelry according to your dress color as well. This will provide you good matching accessories with clothing. Today I am going to share with you how to turn simple bangles into fancy one.

The items you need are:
• Bangles
• Glue
• Different color of butter paper
• Multicolor beads
• Glitter

Take bangles and make pair of four bangles each and joining them with glue then cut the butter paper according to the width and size of that four paired bangles. Then apply glue on the back side of the butter paper and cover that four paired bangles with butter paper.

Let the glue completely dried then draw different floral designs with the help of lead pencil and fix different colors of beads by using glue on these sketches. If you have good aesthetic sense then you can make several flowers and design without tracing the sketches.

At the end, apply glue glitter on the bangles and wait until it dry. To make different colors of bangles, use different color of butter papers. Repeat the same process for make dozen of fancy bangles. You can wear them in different occasions and can also present them as gift to your friends, sisters or cousins.