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Flower Making

Flowers play vital role in decorations, weather it is home decoration or any event decoration, flowers have significant importance in our daily life. It gives elegant look to your decorations and enhances the beauty of your event. Flowers are not only used for decorations, it is also a lovable gift for the loved ones. People use real flowers as well as artificial flowers in different parties; both add beauty and give colorful look to the occasion. Majority people use artificial flowers in home decoration because they can go well with other accessories of house and can be used for long time.

Today I am going to tell you, how to make flowers at home in a small budget. If you are creative and have artistic fingers then you can make many things at home to decor and save lots of money. The things you needed are oil paints, flour, white glue, little bit oil, transparent bags, airtight jars, copper wire, floral tape and any cold cream. Let’s move to the method of flower making, which is the easiest way for the beginners and every one can adopt this method to décor their house. Even children can also make flowers by using this method and enjoy their holidays in a different way.

First, you have to make transparent smooth dough. Mix flour, white glue and oil to make dough smooth, again mix well to make it plain and soft. Add oil color of your choice in this doe and again mix it well, until color is blend evenly in the dough. Apply cold cream in the inner part of the transparent bag and put the dough into it, keep it in an airtight jar and leave it for rest about 1 day. Now your dough is ready to use.

Make petals, bud of a flower, join these petals one by one by overlapping each other on the bud to give a real flower look; you can use cutters for the proper shape of the petals. In the bottom of the flower attach copper wire as a stem and cover it with floral tape to give proper look of a real steam. Make different flowers by using different cutters and techniques. Put these flowers in a beautiful vase and place it on your side table, dining tablet etc. You can use it as a gift too for your friend and family.