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O’ Boy Let's Decorate Our Garden

If you are decorating a garden, naturally all the things will be related to plants, trees and greenery. It reflects your keen interest and affections and shows the spirituality. The surrounding of the garden represents the blessing of life because they involve the people to do something other than their routine activities.

To decorate a garden is an interesting fun that changes the whole look of the surrounding, but it demands skill & labor from you. It is not energy consuming but an activity of producing and creating beauty. When you design an excellent garden it will stunned the visitors and relatives of your house.

The people who take interest in decorating a garden usually invest most of their time in garden to make something exclusive and admirable.

If you are interested in decorating your garden and you have not any experience, then you may take help from any professional. Make a discussion with him and talk about the kinds of plants and trees. These natural things will fit in your garden and will give an amazing look. The professional will give you special advices for flowers and plants. The flowers have a large variety of kinds, colors and size. The selection depends upon your wishes that how you want to see and shape your garden. Once you finalize your selection, you may start buying.

After you set the concept, now you can start buying the necessary things that are required for your decoration.

♫ Ideas to decorate a garden

The flowers & plants may be decorated and highlighted by using dramatic objects. If these objects will be humorous they will increase the interest. Like fairies, clowns, bugs and religious figures such as baby angles, Buddha statue and Virgin Mary.

The statues and objects in the garden can’t be highlighted without proper lighting. Use hidden lights to focus on them in night time. If you want to save the light consumption use solar cells to deposit energy in day time and consume it in night time.

Before taking any big step to decorate the garden, make a plan for highlighting the necessary portions of the garden. There is another option to highlighting the garden is to make a seating space. But if have not sufficient space use such items that may be hang from branches of trees.

For polite and heart touching music, use wind chimes in your garden. When there will be calm & quiet its voice will float in the atmosphere with wonderful gesture.

When the decoration is over, take other steps to promote the beauty of the atmosphere, for example check the plants regularly, clean them and trim them occasionally.

The garden decoration improves your spirit and produces a creation in your senses. Your garden will not beautify only but the feelings, desire and your thoughts will be polished and gives you pleasure. It also improves your working efficiency and gives you enjoyment. Take necessary tools of gardening and start to decorate from today.

How To Harvest A Lot

Hoeing a row of green cabbages propped primly in black earth… walking across dew sprinkled ground to pick one perfect tomato … kneeling to pluck 100 weeds from around 1,000 flowers, what does any of this have to do with health?

Gardening as a physical activity is brimming with benefits. And as scientists and garden lovers keep saying, there are more ways than one to harvest these healthy advantages.

         Praising The Pluses:

Gardening is natural exercise. This exercise   is of going to be strength training, and gardening is ideal for that. It takes you through a wide range of physical movements and works probably every single muscle in your body.

More and more medical studies suggest that gardening and other less strenuous activities may also be a fine prescription for heart patients. Middle-aged men at high risk for coronary disease who got regular light-to-moderate exercise had a lower death rate from heart disease than middle-aged men who did not exercise. The exercise included gardening, walking, bowling, and fishing, dancing and doing home repairs.

A lot of people find a sense of peace in their garden. It’s satisfying somehow, to work in the soil. Letting go of stress gardening takes one’s mind off the insoluble problems we confront every day. It gives us work to do where we can see progress from minute to minute.

How To Harvest A Lot

         Tactics For Harvesting:

Some gardens are practical plots that feed the body, packed with nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit. Others are ornamental spaces designed to nourish the spirit, filled with flowers, ferns, sand stone and more to bring aesthetics down to earth. Some are a little of each. Here are tips for getting maximum health out of both.

         The Garden of Healthy Eating:

The trick to getting maximum nutrition out of a fruit-and-vegetable patch is to not limit your efforts to tried-and-true crops. Experiment with hybrid or unusual varieties. Grow things you would not normally find at the corner market. In many cases, these “new” vegetables are powerhouses of nutrition.

For hot weather, several new tomato varieties are on the roster. Caro Red is a tomato that reportedly has ten times as much Betacarotene as regular tomatoes. Caro Rich, Double Rich & Golden jubilee are all high in vitamin A. Double Rich & Caro Rich also beast extra vitamin C. Another-in-C vegetable is the crunchy-sweet jacamar or Mexican yam bean.

If you want to raise beans to your healthy eating garden, don’t grow just any old beans, when used like lima beans, are among the best sources of amino acids in the vegetable kingdom and have more vitamin A and C than dried soy beans.

         The Retreat Garden:

You can create your own green retreat that has the same healthy of facts…even if your garden space is only a corner of the yard.

Fragrant herbs might be a good starting point. Lavender, anise, marjoram, rosemary, cinnamon basil, pineapple sage and scented geraniums all add a wonderful aroma to the air.

For an attractive, low maintenance ground cover, consider native wildflowers. Many garden catalogs offer wildflowers seed in mixes adopted for particular regions.