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How To Recycle Your Old CD's

Home decoration is the not tough as it to be seen. Some people think that huge budget is required for a lavish and wonderful home. But there is nothing beyond your imagination so always tries within your resources to make things better. You can make many things from the discard material as well. Today I am going to share with you how to recycle your old CD’s. You can change the boring look of the CD’s into a very stylish one.

Today we are going to paint the old CD’s and going to turn them into a masterpiece. The things you need are Old CD’s, paints different papers or fine quality of colorful fabric, brushes, glue to paste. You can make beautiful wall hangings with the help of these CD’s. What you have to do is just make different sketches on the CD’s and paint them with the help of brush. You can also use spray paints of different color to give new look to the CD’s.

You can also decorate them by covering the CD with any paper or any good quality of fabric and then paste different cuttings on them. You can fix different kinds of beads, sea shells ribbon flowers or any other kind of artificial flowers. You can use your imagination to add more value in it. So there are hells of new idea by which you can work on them and invent different new things in a very low cost.

Clay Balls

You can make different things for decoration with the help of clay dough. Clay dough is not so expensive so that everyone can try it at home. To decorate home is the first priority of everyone and if you are creative then you can make many home accessories by your own self. Different kinds of dough are available in the market but today we will work with the clay dough. Today I am going to share with you a very easy and enjoyable activity in which you and your kids will enjoy a lot.

So today I am going to share with you how to make balls from clay and decorate it in your drawing room. The things you need are dough of clay, sketches of different pattern, colors. What you have to do is just take the dough of clay from any craft shop and knead it well and make smalls balls of different sizes, you can also cut some different pattern with the help of sketches. Let them dry for a while and now you can color them and passed thread of fine quality, if want to make different rings of it. Otherwise no need to use the thread and just color the balls and place them for dry and you can also show your creativity just by painting the balls. After drying you can spray lacquer on the balls to give the shiny touch.

Now they are ready to place on any table topper or if you made ring of the balls then hang it on the wall. It would look wonderful especially in the kids’ room or you can place them in your drawing room as well. You have seen how we have changed a small thing into a masterpiece only by working on our imagination. So you can make many other things of decoration only by using your little brain and imagination.

Make Home Accessaries With Pastas

Home decoration is the best way to make your home more beautiful and fantastic.Home accessories are very expensive so that they are out of range of a layman.Today I am going to share with you a very simple and unique idea, macaroni and pastas are available in every ones home. So its quite easy to decorate certain things with the help of the pastas.

Things you need are pasta of different sizes and shapes,spray paints,glue,glass bottle or a simple plate. What you have to do is just take out the different shapes and sizes of pasta and color them with the help of the spray paints.Let them dry and then fixed them on the glass jar with the help of glue.You can fix them according to different pattern.

This will look so beautiful if you makes different spiral on the plate with macaroni or any other kind of pasta.Colorful pasta look stunning on the glass jar or glass plate.You have seen how easily and beautifully we can make a simple thing into a masterpiece only by using our creativity.