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Pakistani Wedding Decoration Tips

Pakistani culture is different to some extent from other cultures. Different aspects are included in its culture. Saying this will not go wrong that Pakistani wedding traditions are mixture of different trends and customs. Decoration is essential aspect of planning regarding wedding arrangements in all cultures. Here is short description on Pakistani wedding ceremonies and some tips to make special decorations to make this event more successful and memorable.

Pakistani wedding ceremony is celebrated basically for three days but some people enjoy this event for four days and these events include Mehandi, Barrat and Walima.

First day is Mehandi. This day has special charm and excitement. Bride’s best friends and sisters put henna on bride’s hands. Dholak and singing activities add to charm of this day. To make decorations for this event, collect some yellow flowers and green and yellow tulles. Decorate stairs railing and entrance with best combinations of flowers and tulles. Decorate stage with yellow color theme. Hang yellow flowers stripes and yellow and green tulles.

On barrat day, color selection can vary as per choice of people. All general decoration aspects are needed to be covered like reception area decoration, sitting arrangement and stage decoration. Consult different newly got married couples and family friends to make special arrangements. Visit different florists to know about availability and types of flowers. Do all decorations in same color theme.

Car decoration is also very important in wedding decoration. Decorate car with fresh flowers, silk flowers and silky fabrics of cool colors. Black color car is considered as best to decorate with red roses. Same arrangements will be done third and last day of wedding ceremony in some different colors.

Wedding room and wedding bed decoration is also very important and exciting activity regarding wedding decoration. Decorate the room with some theme or generally. Use fresh flowers for this decoration. Decorate the room just before arrival of wedding couple. Select bed spread of light color and use candles and rose petals to decorate bed to add romantic touch to room and entire environment. Keep the taste of wedding couple in mind while making all decorations.

Mehandi Decoration Ideas

Mehandi is a pre wedding ceremony that is celebrated in different countries and religions like Pakistan and India. All friends of bride are invited on this event and some special traditions are being followed. People do different arrangements to make this event more memorable and exciting. Basically yellow and green colors are considered as theme of the Mehandi ceremony. All the girls put henna on their hands and feet and including the bride. Other activities are also arranged like dholak and singing activities. People do different activities regarding decorations of this day. Here are some important ideas that are being used in the decoration of mehandi decorations.

1). First of all arrange some decoration material which may include lights and candles, white and yellow flowers, yellow and green ribbons and tulles. Use these tulles and flower strips to hang of the entrance of the hall and also on the stairs.

2). Use these tulles and flower strips to hang on four sides of the stage where bride will sit.

3). Use candles in decoration of tables and stage. You can also make use of some other decoration materials to decorate the stage like hanging crystal stripes etc.

4). You may also hang some banner beautifully decorated to say welcome to the esteemed guests.

5). In some regions and cultures, people make sitting arrangements on floor then sitting decoration is also of greater importance. You may place mehandi color pillows on the floor or couches.