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Children Room Decoration for Boys

Home decoration demands much time, money and creativity. Person responsible for home decoration have to cover different aspects of a home including kitchen decoration, walls decoration, ceiling decoration, living room decoration, bedroom decoration, guest room decoration and children room decoration. When it comes of children room decoration, people must be very much careful in decorating children room. This discussion will base on tips to decorate children room for boys.

While making decorations of children room for boys taste and nature of boy must be given top priority whose room is to be decorated. Color selection will be different for boy’s room. Mostly boys love sharp colors. Painting each wall with different themes and colors is a good idea. You can paint cartoons or action heroes on walls or paste posters on walls. You can also choose curtains and bed spreads according to some special theme.

Furniture selection must also be done according to the liking of boy. Some boys have craze for cars and other toys. You can arrange the furniture and other accessories of room accordingly. Allocate one corner for toys and other for study and dressing. Place different stuff toys on tables and other places. Place best looking table lamp on bed side table and study table.

You can hang some boxing set for boys or get complete boxing ring for boys in the room. Arrange some exercising materials for the boys to develop their interests for this activity.

Wall decoration and ceiling decoration is also very important in children room decoration. It will be good idea to hang pictures of splendid events on one wall where only child’ s pictures will be hanged. You can hang pictures according to special theme. You may hang pictures of every birthday in a web or pictures of school activities. It depends on your choice. you can also hang family pictures on another wall. In ceiling decoration, you go to market and purchase different decorating materials of your choice to paste on ceiling.

Children Room Decoration for Girls

Home decoration is a challenging job and a person responsible for home decoration needs to cover all parts of home. Children room decoration is one of the most creative activities in home decoration. Children room decoration must be done according to the nature and temperament of the child. This discussion will base on tips for girl’s room decoration.

Some girls like soft colors but some have jolly moods and like sharp colors. Color selection should be done according to the liking of girl for whom room is to be decorated. Too many activities are involved in room decoration like ceiling decoration, cupboard decoration, selection of furniture, walls decoration, door decoration and arrangement of toys in more sophisticated way. Children must have some dedicated place for their study related things like books and bag etc. Computer table and books arrangement must add to the look of the room. Bed side table can be decorated with a table lamp or placing favorite doll or teddy of the girl.

You can select pink, white or sky blue color for girl’s room decoration. You can also use combination of two colors like pink and white or sky blue and white. Bed spread, curtains and carpet should also match the room decoration. Dedicate a corner for study related things and other corner for toys arrangement. Place a doll house in one corner and place the other toys like dolls and small sitting chairs nearby. Place study related things near the bed. Decorate the cupboard in a special theme by pasting some picture or hanging some other decorating material like stuff toys etc. Hanging swings in girl’s room is also a good idea.