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Wall hanging

Wall hanging is the best way to make your walls colorful and interesting. They turn your boring walls in to colorful ones and give chic look to the wall as well. You can decorate you walls with different paintings, wall cloths, flowers hangings. If you are creative, then you can make several wall hangings by yourself. It is quite simple and easy. If you are more interested in art and craft then you can also turn your passion into profession as well.

Just make several arts and craft things at home then arranged an exhibition, invite your friends and families to visit and see you creativity. You can also contract with different suppliers or vendors for supplies of your product for sale. Advertise your product on the internet and sale it online as well. Today, I am going to tell you how to make beautiful wall hangings with simple things.

The things you need are old frame of any mirror, silk cloth, foam sheet, silk flowers and ribbons. What you have to do is, take the frame and clean it properly, and cover it with the foam sheet with the help of glue. Let it dry for few minutes then take the silk cloth and cover the whole frame with it. Wait for 15 minutes to dry it completely. Now fix the silk flowers on one side of the frame and make bows with the help of ribbon and fix it along the flowers. Now your beautiful wall hanging is ready to hang any where on the wall.

Painting On The Walls

Painting is an art and you can paint your walls by your own self. Today I am going to share with you my idea about how to make paintings on the wall. Painting on the walls look so elegant and unique. The things you needs are Wide painting tape, Acrylic paints of your own choice of color, Paint brushes, Stencil ,Level of placing tape and Pencil.

Select the wall which is neat and having plenty of extra space. After deciding the wall to be painted, take your level and pencil and draw a rectangular sketch on the wall, whatever measurements you have decided. Get your painting tape and very cautiously tape off your rectangle. Keep in mind to put the tape on outside the line of the painting so that painting should be done in correct measurements.

For this purpose you must use several pieces of the tapes per side in place of one long piece, all is depending upon your paintings requirements. Now start painting use your own ideas to make the wall more beautiful, you can paint the background in one color and let it dry then can make different flowers by using stencils. It’s really fun to paint the wall; you and your whole family will really enjoy it.

Wrapping Bag’s Wall Hangings

wrapping bag 3Wall looks so boring if they are not decorated properly. People give great emphasis on the decoration of the walls. Many home accessories are available in the market for the home decoration. But we have to think within our economical resources so I suggest you to make home accessories in home. It requires less money but your leisure time. Little attention can make your home lavish and beautiful.

Wrapping bagThere is nothing beyond the imagination but only few people work on to comes their dreams true. Sometime you get astonished by knowing the history of any home accessory. I think everyone can show capabilities according to creativeness and resources available. Today I am going to share with you a very unique idea.

wrapping bag 5The things you require are a good quality wrapping bag, glue stick, jute, crayon colors, rubber sheet, multicolor stones, and glitter. If the wrapping bag is not in good condition then cover it with the fabric or jute and make different flowers of the rubber sheets and color it. You can sketches different sceneries on the wrapping bag and color them according to your choice. Paste the flowers on the wrapping bag covered with jute. Make boundaries with glitter and fix stones with different pattern.

You can use your own imagination to make it more beautiful and different. You can see how a simple wrapping bag turns into amazing masterpiece.