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Wall hanging

Wall hanging is the best way to make your walls colorful and interesting. They turn your boring walls in to colorful ones and give chic look to the wall as well. You can decorate you walls with different paintings, wall cloths, flowers hangings. If you are creative, then you can make several wall hangings by yourself. It is quite simple and easy. If you are more interested in art and craft then you can also turn your passion into profession as well.

Just make several arts and craft things at home then arranged an exhibition, invite your friends and families to visit and see you creativity. You can also contract with different suppliers or vendors for supplies of your product for sale. Advertise your product on the internet and sale it online as well. Today, I am going to tell you how to make beautiful wall hangings with simple things.

The things you need are old frame of any mirror, silk cloth, foam sheet, silk flowers and ribbons. What you have to do is, take the frame and clean it properly, and cover it with the foam sheet with the help of glue. Let it dry for few minutes then take the silk cloth and cover the whole frame with it. Wait for 15 minutes to dry it completely. Now fix the silk flowers on one side of the frame and make bows with the help of ribbon and fix it along the flowers. Now your beautiful wall hanging is ready to hang any where on the wall.

Wall Hanging With Rubber Sheets

Home is not complete without decoration. If the entire wall is empty and there are no any decorations it looks very odd and not appeals to your eyes. But if your home is very simple but you decorate it very well in a decent way then it like more then a palace. Wall hangings are playing vital role in decoration. But they are very expensive. All people can’t afford it. There are different types of wall hangings. Today we are discussing few types of it. Now I am telling you how to make wall hanging in small budget.

The things which you need are rubber sheets of different colors, jute, crayon colors, glue and glitters.
First of all cut the rubber sheets in the shape of different flowers. Now shading it with crayon colors and also use glitters but make sure it should look decent. Don’t put too much glitter to make it elegant. Now the most important step is at the back side of flowers iron it with very low heat. Using cloth on back side of rubber then press it. It gives unique and original style to all flowers. Your flowers are ready to paste.

Second step is to cut the jute in any shape like square, circle or rectangle which you like to make. Make border with the rubber sheet like in zigzag form, straight lines or any style which you like. Now paste all the flowers in the center with glue and also put some leaves as well. Arrange the flowers perfectly. Now make a loop of jute or rubber sheet at the top of the wall hanging and hanged it in any room wall. Keep in mind while choosing the colors of rubber sheet it should be eye catching. Now your wall hanging is ready to hang.

Wall Hanging BY Scraps Quilt

Everyone has leftover fabric at home. Today we are going to make a beautiful wall hanging with the help of fabrics scraps that you often put in the scrap bags. It is quite easy and simple and one of the best way to decorate your home with discarded things. It is less expensive and gives output in the best possible way. So it is true that, everyone can decorate his/her home in the limited resources, in other word without breaking the bank.

The things you need are a rectangular shaped fine quality fabric in any light shade. Small scraps of leftover quilt, needle for stitching and thread. What you have to do is just give the shape of triangle to all the different colors of scraps, just by folding them. And arrange it on the rectangular base fabric according to your own color combination. They will really look cute and marvelous.

Then with the help of needle make stitches to each scrap so that they should fixed with its base and maintain its triangular shape. Now at the top sides of the fabric make hooks on each side with any of the scrap or from the jute thread and hang it on the wall. If you want to give it extra protection then frame it before hanging on the wall. You have seen how easily and quickly we have made a wall hanging just by using scraps within a low budget.