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Mehandi Decoration Ideas

Mehandi is a pre wedding ceremony that is celebrated in different countries and religions like Pakistan and India. All friends of bride are invited on this event and some special traditions are being followed. People do different arrangements to make this event more memorable and exciting. Basically yellow and green colors are considered as theme of the Mehandi ceremony. All the girls put henna on their hands and feet and including the bride. Other activities are also arranged like dholak and singing activities. People do different activities regarding decorations of this day. Here are some important ideas that are being used in the decoration of mehandi decorations.

1). First of all arrange some decoration material which may include lights and candles, white and yellow flowers, yellow and green ribbons and tulles. Use these tulles and flower strips to hang of the entrance of the hall and also on the stairs.

2). Use these tulles and flower strips to hang on four sides of the stage where bride will sit.

3). Use candles in decoration of tables and stage. You can also make use of some other decoration materials to decorate the stage like hanging crystal stripes etc.

4). You may also hang some banner beautifully decorated to say welcome to the esteemed guests.

5). In some regions and cultures, people make sitting arrangements on floor then sitting decoration is also of greater importance. You may place mehandi color pillows on the floor or couches.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Wedding decoration is a very exciting activity and it becomes more exciting when the wedding ceremony is to be celebrated on some outdoor location other than homes and hotels like gardens, seashores or some beach like locations. To decorate outdoor wedding place is very difficult as people have to carry all things to the wedding place that may enhance the wedding cost than the planned cost. Outdoor wedding decoration should be done by keeping the nature of the place, weather and timings of the wedding ceremony in time.

Here are some useful ideas regarding outdoor wedding decoration activities. To decorate the wedding place, select the theme of the decoration like which color should be dominant in the whole decoration and what type of decoration material to be used in the decoration. After making a decision about decoration theme start decorating the wedding place. You have waves crashing in on the beach at a hawaiian weddingto cover following activities while decorating the wedding place:

1). Grand Entrance of Wedding Place
2). Seating Arrangement & Chairs decoration
3). Wedding Stage Decoration
4). Wedding Table Decoration
5). Floor Decoration etc

    In decorating the wedding reception area, you can make use of balloons, tulles, flowers and electric lights. In sitting arrangement, you have to focus on arrangement of chairs, chair covers and decoration of back of chairs. You can wrap the back of chair with color tulles like red color tulle on white chair cover or some other color you like. All other arrangements including wedding table, stage and floor decoration, you have to keep all decoration in best combination with other decorations.

    Wedding Car Decoration

    People plan wedding decoration with full concentration but sometimes forget about wedding car decoration. Here our discussion will wholly base on 13wedding car decoration ideas. When a bride is taken in a well decorated car it really adds a romantic touch to the marriage party and makes the wedding journey very memorable and lovable. Some people like to go to a professional car decorator for getting their car decorated but sometimes it happens that even the professional car decorators fail to decorate the car according to your wish then why don’t you try to decorate your car yourself and put your wish into real.

    Here I want to share some useful ideas to decorate your wedding car by yourself with the help of your friends. This will give you more satisfaction and your feelings and emotions will help you in doing so. To decorate your wedding car, first of all make a list of all things needed in the decorations. These things may include ribbon, fresh flowers, silk flowers, tulles and some gums or scotch tapes.

    Finalize your idea and then collect the material needed. Mostly wedding cars are selected of black colors but it’s your own choice to select the color of the car and color of all decorating material must be in best combination with the color of car. Start pasting the decorating material on the car with care and avoid using extra pasting material. After applying the main decorating material, take smaller silk flowers and past on the car roof in circle or in squares. If you are going to use fresh flowers in decoration then try to decorate the car at the time of marriage.